About Karunake
Name: Pierre Gagnon
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Languages spoken: French and English
Nicknames: Karu, Kalû, Karunake, Pierre, P.-O., Peter, Lockhart, LaCouette (Call me it and die!)
Interests: Roleplaying, Philosophy, History, Ancient Mythologies

Q.: Where can I find you most of the time?
A.: Well, there's always www.pOnju.net. Beside that, there's not many forums I visit frequently. There's also "The Darker Side" I visit.

Q.: I heard you roleplayed alot, do you have any favourite characters?
A.: Ever since I'm a child, Karunake has always been my roleplaying representation, both in my written texts and comics. But since last year, my fetish character is also a blonde halfling rogue-bard known as Euphemia Tealeaf.

Q.: And what about all these religious characters? What do they represent?
A.: Larimia Moontan, Karunake, Herman Luggar and their fellows mainly represent my will to follow the right way. I feel that when my characters are not directed by religious ideals, they have nothing to guide their actions. That doesn't mean they have no ideals, but when their ideals fit their deity's, they are most likely to be Clerics or Paladins. Beside that, there's also the Bard class that I often use.

Q.: Larimia, Euphemia, Kishara... I see you have many female characters, why is that so? Doesn't that bother you a little?
A.: Well, half of my characters are males, and the other half are females. I think variety is the spice of roleplaying. And yes, it does bother me from times to times when I am online, since some guys seem to think that roleplaying games are dating communities and start trying to seduce the poor little Euphemia.

Q.: I see you often at school! Are you gay?
A.: The answer is that I have no sexual orientation, I consider myself genderless. Man or woman, everybody's the same. I've only fallen in love with ladies, so I guess you could consider me heterosexual.

I hope I said enough for you to know me.

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